Senegal Fixers, based in Dakar, was set up six years ago by leading fixer, Meissa Seck. Since then it has rapidly become one of the principal film, television and media fixing companies for this most Western part of West Africa.

Research and Planning

At Senegal Fixers we know that good fixer who can be relied upon to carry out research on the ground is at the heart of any successful filming trip.

Permits and Customs

If you have a film or television project in Senegal and need a fixer, we can provide you with advice about all the permits and clearances you will need.


Very few people in Senegal speak English, so if you need a fixer who speaks the local languages as well as fluent English and French then we can help.


At Senegal Fixers, along with providing a fixer who can undertake research and planning before you arrive, and look after you when you are here, we can also provide you


Whether you are coming on a film, television or press trip to Senegal, as your fixers we can provide and arrange a wide mix of transport options to meet your


With an intimate knowledge of the country,as your fixer in Senegal we can scout a vast range of locations to meet your needs. From the urban vibrancy of Dakar, to

Why Senegal?

Senegal in West Africa is a great place to come  for film, television and media projects. From the urban vibrancy of Dakar, to small Atlantic fishing villages and beautiful natural


If you are interested in contracting us as your fixer in Senegal, and would like testimonials about our work, we can put you in direct, personal contact with crew and