Very few people in Senegal speak English, so if you need a fixer who speaks the local languages as well as fluent English and French then we can help.

Although Senegal was a former French colony, and French is still the official language of the government and officialdom, in the wider population French is much less widely spoken.

Today, the majority of people speak, Wolof, the most common local language, while in some regions of the country, other local languages are spoken. Having good translators and interpreters is therefore essential to the success of any project. Here at Senegal Fixers we can provide interpreters for English, French and any of the local languages, as well as providing translation of any official documents if required.

Mother with two children

If you are planning a trip to Senegal and would like to discuss the way we can help you with translation and interpretation, then please get in touch and we will do everything we can to help. You can find details on our contact page.